Listing Parts

  1. Magnet

    Pot magnet with threaded stud diam. 16mm Thread M4 strength approx. 8kg

    • Quantity : 1x
    • Type : GTN-16


It’s important to buy at supermagnete because I bought some in Aliexpress but the strength is lower than those bought at supermagnete


Vac u Lock Adapter

Silicon Mold


Listing Parts

  1. Cup
  2. Centerign Cover
  3. Threaded Stem
  4. Aluminium Vac u Lock Model

Operation Plan

  1. Prepare 220g silicon and 11g hardener
  2. Stir 5min
  3. Put a tape border on the plastic cup
  4. Wait 20min to remove the bubles
  5. Fill in through one of the hole

Mold the Adapter

  1. Use a 50mm long M6 bolt
  2. Prepare 20g cast and 20g hardener
  3. Stir really slowly